BLUE BOX opens tonight!

Blue Box officially opens tonight at the Revue Stage! Based on writer and performer Carmen Aguirre’s remarkable life, Blue Box is a no-holds-barred tale of terror and romance that takes you from the Chilean resistance movement to a passionate affair with a Hollywood TV star.

Happy opening night to Carmen, and the rest of the Blue Box teamHave a fantastic run!

Check out the show trailer and our interview with Carmen Aguirre:

Don’t miss this funny, sensual, and moving story, now playing at the Revue Stage! Tickets start at just $25.

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Guest post: Drew Facey, EDUCATING RITA set and costume designer

Early on in Educating Rita, Rita comments on Frank’s office by asking, “How do you
make a room like this?” I love the idea that there is a fantasy in this office for her and I
imagined it as a little jewel box with the stacks of books as piles of gems. I pushed this
idea further by wrapping the entire space in book wallpaper to transform a traditional
university office into this fantastical place. And of course, the office also needs to reflect
Frank so everything is mismatched and a little chaotic and as Rita says, “… a lovely


For the costumes, I broke the show down into two palettes: the tweedy earth-toned world
of Frank and the richer, sometimes darker and urban world of Rita. We’ve updated our
production to present day, but I’ve played a lot with out-of-date and worn clothing for
Frank, whereas Rita is in current clothing that is referential to the 1980’s when the play
was written. As the passage of time unfolds in the play, Rita’s clothing story moves
towards the earth-toned world of Frank and her interest in vintage clothing is explored.





Don’t miss this big-hearted comedy, now playing at the Granville Island StageTickets start at just $29.


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4000 Miles must close this weekend!

Don’t miss your last chance to see 4000 Miles, closing this Sunday at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage. Nicola Cavendish’s return to the Arts Club has been nothing short of triumphant. She and co-stars, Nathan Barrett, Ella Simon, and Agnes Tong, have been delighting critics and audiences alike in this heartwarming production that strives to bridge the generation gap.

Hear what the cast had to say about the live theatre experience at the audience talk back:

Agnes Tong, Nicola Cavendish, Nathan Barrett, and Ella Simon take a bow.

Agnes Tong, Nicola Cavendish, Nathan Barrett, and Ella Simon take a bow.

Make 4000 Miles a part of your holiday weekend and enjoy live theatre with family and friends. Tickets start at just $29! Get yours here, before the show closes.

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