Blue Box: glossary of terms

Carmen Aguirre. Photo by Megan Verhey

Carmen Aguirre. Photo by Megan Verhey











Are you planning to see Blue Box this week? You may find this glossary of terms from Carmen’s blog helpful. Or perhaps the historical subject matter and exotic locations will inspire you to book tickets before the show closes this Saturday.

Aylwin: Patricio Aylwin Azocar, Christian Democrat, first president of Chile after democracy restored in 1990.

Aztec Warrior: Warriors of Mesoamerica (present day central Mexico) at most powerful during 13th and 14th centuries. Elite, brave, highly respected.

Bariloche: Argentinian city in foothills of Andes on historically Mapuche land, now best known as a ski destination.

Cessna: Aircraft manufacturer, best known for small aircraft.

Che Guevara: Argentinian internationalist revolutionary leader. Aided Fidel Castro in overturning Cuban government; captured and killed in 1967 while trying to spark revolution in Bolivia.

Chiapas amber: Deep red, extremely rare amber stone found only in Chiapas, Mexico.

Chicano: Though a hotly-contested term, generally, an American-born person of Mexican descent, often related to Latino-pride.

Christian Democrats: Chilean political party, begun as reformist party in 1957, today centrist-right.

Concepcion University: third-oldest university in Chile, one of the most prestigious. Has always been a hotbed of revolutionary activity.

Condor: Species of vulture; largest flying land birds in Western Hemisphere. 2 types: Andean, in Andes mountains, and California, in western US and Mexico. Massive wingspan — up to 10.5 feet!

Conga Room: Famed LA nightclub for salsa, Latin music; has launched careers & hosted legends.

Contras, Nicaragua: Group of US-backed counter-insurgents recruited to overthrow left-wing Sandinista government in 1980s.

Comahue University: Argentinian national university with hub in Neuquen.

Copacabana: Patron saint of Bolivia, “Brown Virgin”- marriage of Catholic Mary and Aboriginal Mother Earth. Protects roads, cars, passages.

Eleggua: Yoruba diety, protector of roads and travelers, particularly crossroads. Known for path-clearing.

El Salvador – Final Offensive: FMLN (Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front)’s final attempt to sieze power through revolution in the late 80s and early 90s. The FMLN currently govern El Salvador.

Fidel: Fidel Castro, Cuban socialist revolutionary & president.

First Intifada: 1987-1993 Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation, mobilizing thousands of individuals as well as resistance organizations/institutions.

Guadalupe: Incarnation of the Virgin Mary, “Patroness of the Americas”, appeared to Aztec man in 1531. Another “Brown Virgin” — combination of Catholic and Aboriginal traditions.

Huevos: Literally, “eggs”, but colloquially balls/testicles.

La Lupe: Short form of “Guadalupe”.

Lapiz Lazuli: deep blue gemstone, birthstone for Taurus, Sagittarius. Chilean national stone.

La Raza: largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in US.

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs: Argentine Ska band from Buenos Aires.

Maya: Classical civilization of Mesoamerica, prominent in southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras & Belize c. 250 AD to present day.

Neoliberal Economy Chile: Economic system characterized by free-market, deregulation, anti-union sentiment, privatization, focus on individual responsibility; Milton Friedman-style “trickle-down” economy.

Panama – US Invasion: From Dec 20 – Jan 3 1990, US troops invaded Panama in order to overthrow nationalist leader Manuel Noriega. 23 US soldiers & 3 US citizens killed, 150 Panamanian soldiers and 5000 Panamanian civilians killed. Ten days prior, control of Panama Canal was to revert back to Panamanians.

Pircas: Popular Argentinian nightclub.

Augosto Pinochet: Chilean army general and dictator known for instigating harsh measures against opponents including disappearance, murder and torture in his 17-year regime. Overthrew Salvador Allende’s government, implemented neoliberal economy.

Plebiscite, Chile: 1988 vote, as per the terms of 1980 constitution, to determine whether or not Pinochet would earn right to new 8-year mandate. Pinochet was defeated.

Sacred Heart: Predominately Catholic devotion, prayer meditating upon Jesus’ love.

Sandinistas: members of the left-wing, independent nationalist Sandinista National Liberation Front. Currently in government in Nicaragua.

Sea Dragon: Pirate ship ride on Santa Monica pier, swinging out over the ocean.

Virgin Carmen: Patron saint of Chile, “mother of all Chileans” who guards all borders.

West Hollywood: Neighbourhood in Los Angeles known for LGBT population, rent control, social justice legislation; preferred neighbourhood for up-and-coming actors.

Zapatista: Revolutionary leftist group based in Chiapas, Mexico; named after agrarian reformer Emiliano Zapata, primarily made up of rural indigenous Mayan people.

Blue Box is now playing at the Revue Stage, and must close this Saturday, November 1! Tickets start at just $25 and are available online.

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Arts Club Halloween costume tips

Halloween is just around the corner! And it’s the perfect time to dress up as your favourite characters from the Arts Club stages. Unfortunately, not everyone has a professional wardrobe and props department at their disposal, so we’re here to offer you some tips on how to achieve the look of some of this season’s most popular characters.

Joan of Arc (Saint Joan)

Meg Roe as Joan of Arc

Meg Roe as Joan of Arc













What you’ll need:

  • Long-sleeve red shirt
  • Grey vest or tunic
  • Red leggings or skinny jeans
  • High grey boots or stockings
  • Sword

To complete the look: Be sure to acknowledge the voices in your head.

Saint Joan goes through many transformations. For some of her other looks, see the costume sketches for the show.

Mary and Bert (Mary Poppins)

The cast of the 2013 production of Mary Poppins

The cast of the 2013 production of Mary Poppins







What you’ll need for Mary:

  • Carpet bag
  • Bright overcoat and matching full length skirt
  • Jaunty hat
  • Magic umbrella

What you’ll need for Bert:

  • Old trousers and jacket
  • Pageboy cap
  • Chimney sweep’s brush
  • Black makeup for soot

To complete the look: A cheery disposition. You could also bring along a whole fleet of chimney sweeps for trick-or-treating!

Nicky and Rod (Avenue Q)

Nick Fontaine and Jeremy Crittenden with Nicky and Rod

Nick Fontaine (with Nicky) and Jeremy Crittenden (with Rod)







What you’ll need for Nicky:

  • Red hoody
  • Messy hair

What you’ll need for Rod:

  • Wire-frame glasses
  • Business suit
  • Neatly styled hair

To complete the look: If you want to go for the all-out puppet look, get some coloured face paint, a pom-pom nose, and add a stick to your wrist!

You can pick up almost any of the items needed at your local thrift shop or American Apparel store. Accessories might require a trip to the dollar store or toy shop.

From all of us at the Arts Club, have a safe and happy Halloween!

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The Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage recently underwent a major transition: from the incredibly detailed and realistic New York apartment of 4000 Miles, to the vast, black-paneled canvas that will become the 15th-century setting of the epic Saint Joan. Watch it all happen in the time-lapse video below, and then come to the theatre to see the many transformations of designer Pam Johnson’s versatile set, as well as those of leading lady Meg Roe as Joan.

Saint Joan starts October 23 at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage. Tickets from $29 are available online or by calling 604.687.1644.

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