Boeing-Boeing: Sixties fashion showcase

The mile-high comedy Boeing-Boeing is flying into the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage in January 24! Bernard, a successful architect in swinging sixties Paris, is even more successful with the ladies. In fact, he juggles the hearts of three air hostesses who jet in and out of his groovy bachelor pad: Gloria, Gabriella, and Gretchen—aka “America,” “Italy,” and “Germany.” But when Boeing introduces a faster jet, Bernard’s precise romantic timetable goes hysterically off course and turbulence looms.

Move over Don Draper and Peggy Olson; 60s garb by the fabulous Nancy Bryant will flood the stage of the Stanley in the Arts Club production of Boeing-Boeing. Set in swinging sixties Paris, the play features men in dapper suits and women in bold and feminine outfits.

Meet the characters and see their costumes below!

Bernard (played by Jonathan Young): A rakish Parisian architect. He lives the high life, carefully organizing his amorous schedule around the arrivals and departures of his three air hostess mistresses. Inclement weather and the introduction of speedy new jetliners throw his timetable awry, forcing him, after frantic scrambling, to choose between them.

Robert (Andrew McNee): Bernard’s childhood friend, visiting from Aix-en-Provence. Looking to find a wife of his own, he finds himself entrapped in his friend’s web of half-truths, and does his level best to keep the mistresses unaware of each other’s existence.

Bertha (Nicola Lipman): Bernard’s long-suffering maid. Baffled by her employer’s constantly changing schedule, she puts out country-specific meals for each of his air hostesses and keeps them secret from one another, all under a dour, existential facade.

Gretchen (Colleen Wheeler): The German mistress, an air hostess for Lufthansa. She is forthright and practical.

Gabriella (Moya O’Connell): The Italian mistress, an air hostess for Alitalia. She is jealous and impetuous.

Gloria (Kimberley Sustad): The American mistress, an air hostess for Trans World Airlines (TWA). She is brash and frank.

 Boeing-Boeing starts January 24—buy tickets today!

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