Henry and Alice Sneak Peek!

Tomorrow night is the official opening of Henry and Alice, but after just one week of previews, audiences are already in love! Check out the audience comments below and get your first look at the wild times happening onstage in this premiere production.


“I love going to the Arts Club and I love seeing a Michele Riml play. She never fails to deliver. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the prequel, Sexy Laundry. Into the Wild was witty and fun, intermixed with the realities of today’s tougher times and long relationships. If you’ve ever questioned what makes you really happy or survived the perils of camping with a spouse, you will totally relate. It’s good fun and I thought the actors were all charming and real. And the set was super cool–probably the best I have seen at the AC in a while. Best line for me, “Todd sent over this bottle of wine and apologizes for waking you up at 9pm on a Friday night”. My goodness, that is camping life for sure!” —Jody

“I thoroughly enjoyed this production. The humor was terrific, absolutely spot on! The production was hilarious from start to finish, and very well acted & directed, I thought. Great entertainment. Thank you!” —Donna, Vancouver

A very enjoyable evening. It is touching when Henry and Alice realize it is the love for each other and children that will allow them to overcome all life challenges” —Julie, Delta

Fabulous acting. Loved it from start to finish!” —Karen, Vancouver

“What is so great about Michele Riml’s production is that I have personal experiences close to what she writes about. This allows me to laugh at my heartache and leave the theatre with hope” —Bonny, Coquitlam

An awesome show! The set was spectacular, the script was hilarious and the actors were right on the mark. They captured the classic mars venus banter between husband and wife in a comical and relatable way. My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed this show and laughed out. A must see!” —A

“My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed attending this production as the story line definitely touched the majority of the playgoers as we all roared with laughter at various incidents and yet, felt much empathy for the characters in the more somber moments. As fellow RV’ers, we could understand a tenter’s terror of being next to a monstrous, noisy, motor home! To include sibling rivalry was also important as every family has its issues. We just felt that this particular play was extremely believable, especially with the economic situation we are presently facing. Well done with the talented actors, good writing from the story writer, well-produced, excellent backdrop” —Carol

“The show was amazing! We LOVED it! Hilarious! Thank you for the laughs! Well done!”—Doug and AnnLee

“This was an outstanding play—we loved it!! It was full of laughs, great acting from all three main characters, great set, and a really strong message. Loved it!! Everyone should see this play”—Alice

“What a funny play and the actors were exceptional! I won’t give any of the story away, but it is definitely worth seeing. Everyone in the audience laughed and enjoyed it as much as I did”—Terri

Beverley Elliott, Susinn McFarlen, Andrew Wheeler. Photo by Emily Cooper.

Beverley Elliott, Susinn McFarlen, Andrew Wheeler. Photo by Emily Cooper.

Andrew Wheeler and Susinn McFarlen. Photo by Emily Cooper.

Beverley Elliott, Andrew Wheeler, and Susinn McFarlen. Photo by Emily Cooper


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