A bloody good Gordon Glamourama

In between dodging the eff-bombs, blood pools, and bullets, everyone was loving last night’s opening night performance of Morris Panych’s Gordon. We may have had to hold back a few people from trying to clean that filthy kitchen on set though.

Best of luck to all the cast and crew! Whatever you do, don’t turn your back on Andrew Wheeler when you have your hand flat on a table…

Andrew Wheeler (Old Gord) and Pippa Mackie (Deirdre)

Bill Millerd (Artistic Managing Director) and the one and only Caryn Fehr (Stage Manager)

Bill Millerd (Artistic Managing Director), Morris Panych (Playwright and Director), and Stephan Baeuml (Director of Production)

Vincent Gale, Ken MacDonald (Set and Costume Designer), Jennifer Clement, and Susinn McFarlen

Stephen Drover and Sasa Brown

Patrick Costello (centre - Carl) with his brother and Andrew Shaver (right)

Meghan Gardiner and Rachel Ditor (Literary Manager)

Kim Collier and Kerry Sandomirsky

Melody Anderson, Todd Thomson (Gordon), Jill Daum, and John Mann

David Cooper, Wendy Gorling, and Robert Moloney

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