I wish I had a million dollars. Hot dog!

Bobbie Anderson as Little George in Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life

If you’re familiar with It’s a Wonderful Life you will remember George Bailey’s habit of ingniting the cigar lighter in Mr. Gower’s shop. With every ignition George would say, “I wish I had a million dollars. Hot dog!” Our very talented props department put together a display in the lobby of the Granville Island stage about the evolution of the cigar lighter currently being used onstage for this season’s production of the show. Enjoy!

The Evolution of the Cigar Lighter

Since the set and props for It’s a Wonderful Life were built in 2007, there have been many different cigar lighters. All of these worked at one point and would still light up after being refilled with lighter fluid. However, not every model worked for every actor, and that’s why we had to come up with different prototypes. While these are all shop built, the current one onstage was purchased complete.

—The Prop Shop

This lighter never made it very far. Early on it was deemed best to have a handle for ease of use.

This has a small novelty lighter inside that is shaped like a wrench.

This door handle and butane BBQ lighter combination worked well for a long time.

Early sketches of the cigar lighter.

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