Stupid Questions with…Kieran Martin Murphy

Part one in what we hope will become an ongoing series here on the Arts Club blog. The lovely and talented Kieran Martin Murphy sat down to answer some Stupid Questions. Mr. Murphy plays Jean Valjean in our production of Les Misérables, at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage to Aug 2.

SQ: So, you’re from Edmonton. You must be really glad to be here. On a scale of Edmonton to Vancouver, where Edmonton is a very boring place to live and Vancouver is the best place to live, how do you rate being here?

KMM: I would have to rate Vancouver as Vancouver on the scale.  I really love it here.  I love the scenery, the people, the theatre scene, and the way of life.  I could really get used to it.  In fact, I have told several people that if I didn’t have kids to go back to, I wouldn’t leave this place at all.  This has been a truly magical experience.

SQ: It has been said that “Bring Him Home” is a very high song for a man to sing. Do you do any special preparation to reach those very high notes, and what might that be?

 KMM: That’s a good question, as it is a bloody high song to sing.  And to reach them is actually very ironic in a way, as the song itself is a prayer, and I do an awful lot of praying just before the final screaming high notes.

SQ: In Les Miz, your character pays 1500 livre for the young Cosette. How much would you pay for a small child, if one were for sale?

 KMM: No more than say, $150.  They’re great and all but, in the end, they end up costing you waaaaaaayyyyyy too much.  I mean, I’ve got two kids and just buying school supplies in the fall requires a visit to a loan shark.

 SQ: I know you apply the prisoner number of Jean Valjean, 24601, to your chest for every performance. Have you considered getting a permanent tattoo of that number? I mean, you are holding over and it would be a nice memento.

 KMM: I have seriously considered this, I really have.  But have you seen the size of the numbers on my chest!  theyMartin 24601 copy take up a lot of room!  I might do it if the show held over for another 2 – 3 years, but after Aug 2nd I think the ‘cool’ factor might rub off very quickly.  But I’m very glad you asked this question….I’ve been painting 24601 on my chest for the last 2 months.

 SQ: Jean Valjean is pretty darn selfless. What have you done in your own life recently that might be considered as selfless as Jean Valjean?

 KMM: Wow.  Tough one.  He’s pretty goody two-shoes.  I would have to say the closest that I have come in recent days to even coming close to his actions would be when I gave up a chunk of my personal, post-show time to answer  some silly questions for an internet blog.  That was time that could have been better spent drinking beer, eating Old Dutch BBQ chips, and watching You Tube.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Beer, Old Dutch and YouTube.

    Sounds like a one way trip to the confessional.

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