EDUCATING RITA opens tonight!

Educating Rita officially opens tonight at the Granville Island StageFeisty working-class hairdresser Rita is determined to improve herself. When she enrolls in Dr. Frank Bryant’s literature course, she inspires him—as she will surely inspire you—to do the same. Full of lessons in life and literature, Educating Rita will make you think as hard as it makes you laugh.

Happy opening night to the Educating Rita cast, crew, and creative team. Have a great run!

Check out the show trailer and our interview with director Sarah Rodgers and actress Holly Lewis:

Don’t miss this big-hearted comedy, now playing at the Granville Island StageTickets start at just $29.

A note about the cast: Scott Bellis is performing the role of Frank until October 4 when Ted Cole will assume the role.


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Audiences love 4000 MILES!

Nicola Cavendish has had no trouble winning over audiences with her performance of Vera in 4000 Miles. The show must close on October 12, so don’t miss your chance to see all the comedy and drama of this well-crafted play, before it’s too late! Tickets start at just $29 and are available here.

See what else the public is raving about in this selection of our audience reviews:

“An outstanding production. Entertaining, witty, and drawing lots of laughter while dealing with serious life passages and events. Nicola Cavendish and Nathan Barrett were wonderful in their roles.”
—Betty Anne, Surrey

“Great show to start off the season. The cast were all fabulous and Nicola Cavendish—what can I say? I laughed, I cried, and left with a happy glow.”

“Great show, great acting, and funny to boot. We loved it. Thanks, Arts Club!”
—Van, Bowen Island

“An excellent script, beautifully mounted and interpreted by a superb cast. It was a totally delightful evening of theatre. Wonderful to see Nicola Cavendish back on stage.”
—Daniel, Vancouver


Nathan Barrett and Nicola Cavendish in 4000 Miles. Photo by David Cooper

“The theme of the story was so familiar, so touchingly portrayed. I laughed a lot and cried one time. Frustrations, hurts, anger, needs, misunderstandings, love, patience, kindness, and honesty are only some of the emotions touched upon in this wonderful play. I feel the frustrations of the grandmother and I know her young grandson. Life can be rough and beautiful.”
—Jacqueline, North Vancouver

“I enjoyed the performance very much. Both the main characters nailed their age performance. It was very funny and very true to life.”
—Peggy, Coquitlam

“Nicola Cavendish—nothing else needs to be said! I always feel so privileged to watch her perform. I was with a friend, relatively new to BC, who was unfamiliar with Ms. Cavendish’s work or reputation—and she was just blown away. The rest of the cast was wonderful as well—a real joy to watch.”
—Vicki, Vancouver


Nathan Barrett and Ella Simon. Photo by David Cooper

“I thought the play was funny and upbeat. The ending was well timed and the cast was fantastic. I would gladly go a second time.”

“Loved the show! Nicola Cavendish is incredible in her role—who else could have the audience in stitches by simply folding laundry?”

“Terrific to see Nicola Cavendish again—like an old friend. This role was made for her, her body language, speech, and facial expressions are spot on! Her younger co-star is going places! A delightful and thought-provoking play—congrats!”

“THIS WAS THE BEST! Nicola Cavendish plays 91 better than anyone…so poignant and funny and brilliant! I took my mother and I’m going again with my husband! What a way to start the season.”
—Tammy, Surrey


The cast of 4000 Miles. Photo by David Cooper

For more audience buzz, click here.

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Introducting…Blue Box

Based on writer and performer Carmen Aguirre’s remarkable life, Blue Box is a story of terror and romance that takes you from the Chilean resistance movement during Pinochet’s dictatorship to a passionate affair with a Hollywood TV star to present-day Vancouver. Funny, sensual, and moving, Blue Box reveals a woman committed to a cause for which she would have sacrificed everything, and committed to a man who refused to sacrifice anything for anyone.

Carmen Aguirre. Photo by  Andrew Alexander

Carmen Aguirre. Photo by Andrew Alexander

“Blue Box is a no-holds-barred examination of two core stories that live within me. They both explore the theme of unconditional love in completely different realms: the romantic and the revolutionary, and the tension between the two, ultimately asking where self-love fits in,” said Carmen Aguirre. “I invite you to jump off the cliff with me and go on this wild ride of abandon and absolute surrender to that mighty force called love.”

Carmen Aguirre. Photo by Andrew Alexander

Carmen Aguirre. Photo by Andrew Alexander

Carmen Aguirre is an award-winning playwright and actor who has written and co-written over 20 plays, including Chile Con Carne, The Trigger, and The Refugee Hotel. Her first book, Something Fierce: Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter, won CBC Canada Reads 2012 and is a national bestseller.

Blue Box begins October 9 at the Revue Stage. Tickets start at just $25 and available here or by calling 604.687.1644.

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